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Feb 13, 2013 - reflection, technology    2 Comments

Week 5 Reflection Blog Post: Creating a Video

This week we spent a lot of time exploring more PLN websites, personalizing pages, and testing the waters with video editing. As per suggestion, I looked in to the tweetdeck tool to see what benefits I could take advantage of, turns out there is a lot! I love the columns that organize different feeds, so I quickly set up one column dedicated to INDT501. The other twitter resource we were asked to check out was  an advanced search, which after some digging around I found to be very beneficial. I searched calculus, and should have expected the many tweets about hating the subject. One tweeter, Logan Crossley, said “I think that the flu virus is basically saying, ‘No. No matter how hard you try, Calculus will never be fun. I can guarantee it.'” Needless to say the feed on this topic was a little disheartening, but once I clicked over to people I found some great resources for calculus and ended up following a couple of them. Overall I was very happy to be exposed to these new tools on twitter and plan to utilize them as appropriate.

The other assignment of the week was to create a video using Animoto that is linked to an SOL in your content area. While I am not completely done perfecting my video, I did  create a trial video of my family. While browsing the many options available on animoto I found a few that would be perfect for my content video, accompanied by many options for music as well. I was very excited to see all I could do with these videos and can’t wait to finish my math video! I think this would be a great resource to use in the classroom as a topic introduction. The majority of the things I will be teaching in math will build off of previous knowledge, which provides a great opportunity for media such as this. Another way I could incorporate this style of learning in the classroom is by assigning projects where the students teach the class using videos. This would teach the students a variety of skills on top of knowing the content and being able to verbalize instruction. Finally, I could also use this technology to network with other educators to show some of my work. I am a firm believer in collaboration and I think this could be a great way to share ideas with other educators.